Upper elementary students need phonological awareness + phonics instruction!

Why spend hours scouring the Internet for activities when you can spend minutes instead?

  • 1

    Welcome to Science of Reading for Upper Elementary!

  • 2

    Module #1 - Getting Started with the Science of Reading

    • Introduction to the Science of Reading and this course

    • Phonological Awareness and the Connection to Letters

  • 3

    Module # 2 - Scope and Sequence and Assessments

  • 4

    Module #3 - Last Steps before you start!

  • 5

    Module #4 - Fitting it all in Whole Group and Small Group

    • The 90 Minute Block - How to make this work!

  • 6

    Module #5 - First Set of Units

    • Unit 1: -ng/-nk

    • Unit 2: ck Ending

    • Unit 3: -tch

    • Unit 4: -dge

    • Unit 5: Magic e

    • Unit 6: Soft c and g

    • Unit 7: Y as a vowel

    • Unit 8: Suffix -ed

    • Unit 9: -s or –es plural suffixes

    • Unit 10: Vowel team- ea/ee

    • Unit 11: Vowel team- ai/ay

    • Unit 12: Vowel teams- oa/oe

  • 7

    Module #6 - Second Set of Units

    • Unit 13: Suffix -ing!

    • Unit 14: Contractions with am, is, has, not, are

    • Unit 15: Three consonant blends - str, spl, scr, spr

    • Unit 16: Blends with digraphs- shr, thr, squ

    • Unit 17: Schwa Sound

    • Unit 18: Bossy r- er

    • Unit 19: Bossy r- ir/ur

    • Unit 20: Diphthongs oi/oy

    • Unit 21: Diphthongs ou/ow

    • Unit 22: Diphthongs au/aw

    • Unit 23: Vowel team igh

    • Unit 24: Doubling rule (1-1-1)

    • Unit 25: Dropping Rule

    • Unit 26: Changing Rule

    • Unit 27: Syllable Type Consonant -le

    • Unit 28: Wild Old Words

    • Unit 29: Bossy R "ar/or"

    • Unit 30: Other uses for Silent "e"

    • Unit 31: Contractions with have, would, will

    • Unit 32: Ph/gh -/f/

    • Unit 33: Ch has two sounds

    • Unit 34: Y as a short i phoneme

  • 8

    Module #7 - Third Set of Units

    • Unit 35: /oo/ long u spellings

    • Unit 36: /oo/ spelled oo and u

    • Unit 37: Silent Letters

    • Unit 38: Other Bossy R Combinations

    • Unit 39: Homophones

    • Unit 40: /ik/ spelled ic

    • Unit 41: long /o/ spelled ow

    • Unit 42: long /e/ spelled ei or ie

    • Unit 43: other spellings for long /a/

  • 9

    Module #8 - 4th Set of Units

    • Unit 44: /ij/ spelled -age

    • Unit 45: -us vs. -ous endings

    • Unit 46: -able vs. -ible endings

    • Unit 47: -cal and -cle

    • Unit 48: -al and -el

    • Unit 49: aught and ought

    • Unit 50: Suffixes ion, tion, and sion

    • Unit 51: cher spelled -ture

    • Unit 52: Advanced /sh/ spellings

    • Unit 53: K spelled ch and que

  • 10

    Module #9 - Morphology

    • Unit 54: Morphology

What's included?

This resource follows a research-based scope and sequence for upper elementary students. The activities are developmentally normed to upper elementary with unique and engaging activities!

  • Explicit Lesson Plans

    Each phoneme unit contains teaching slides, a 4 day lesson plan, and over 60 pages of resources to implement right away! These units are aligned to a scope and sequence that is normed to upper elementary, with the goal of getting students to master each of the phonics skills before moving on to the next.

  • Assesments

    Included is a diagnostic assessment that follows the scope and sequence. This is a perfect data point to identify gaps in student learning. Using this data, you can diagnose where to start for whole group discourse and grouping students for focused small group instruction.

  • Hands-on, Age-appropriate activities

    I know the struggle with finding activities that aren't too "babyish" for your upper elementary striving readers! This was at the forefront when designing this course. All activities were created with the maturity level of upper elementary students in mind. Your students will love learning!

This resource is for you if:

  • You teach grades 3-6 and have students who are striving readers, more than 1-2 grade levels below

  • You need support and resources to drive Science of Reading instruction in your classroom

  • You feel overwhelmed with trying to find the right resources to target the needs of your striving readers

  • You are frustrated with the lack of upper elementary phonics-based instruction available

  • You know your students have foundational reading gaps, but you don't know where to start!

  • You are a homeschool parent and not sure where to start when helping your child with reading

  • know about the Science of Reading, but you are not sure where to start or need more support

This resource is NOT for you if:

  • You need activities for struggling kindergarten or 1st grade readers

  • You are not interested in implementing foundational reading instruction based on Science of Reading research

  • Your readers are all on level or above level readers

  • You teach whole language and do not want to make the shift to foundational reading instruction


  • What exactly is included in this course?

    This course is a lengthy resource that will cover your entire year (and beyond) of foundational literacy instruction. There are multiple professional development videos teaching about the why and how of the Science of Reading, model lesson videos, as well as tips and tricks for teaching striving readers in upper elementary.

  • Can my school pay for this?

    Absolutely! I HIGHLY recommend reaching out to your district for reimbursement. This resource is Science of Reading based, with research to support all of the activities. Districts are incredibly supportive of this effective instruction within the classroom, and will often times be more than willing to pay for it. I also accept PO's. You can have your school email me at [email protected] to set this up! If more than 10 teachers within your building, please email me for a special discounted rate!

  • What grades are these resources for?

    These resources are aligned to support striving readers in grades 3-6. They will support readers who are 1 or more grade levels below, and need foundational reading skills to close the gap. The content, activities, and scope and sequence are aligned to upper elementary students.

Pricing options

ALL of this can be yours and ready to use right away for a one time payment. The one time payment option will save you $39! OR you can sign up for a 12 month payment plan at $24/per month!

Let's do this!

This resource was specifically designed on what I desperately needed as a classroom teacher. I have seen the gaps growing across the nation for our upper elementary students, and the resources are just not there to support you as an educator. Let me fix that. I am here for you!